Thank you for your interest in hosting a TWIML study group! Is there a particular area of ML/AI that you find particularly exciting? Want to help others be as excited as you are about it?  If so:

We invite you to put together a brief description of your proposed study group. Please include:

  • Description of the proposed focus of your study group. The content for your study group should be relevant to the data science ML/AI community, distinct from other study groups already in existence (exemptions may be made for study groups in regions of the globe for which there are no study group sessions in existence yet), and structured in a manner that allows for participant growth and progression over the course of the study group.
  • Timeline for your study group (e.g., 1 month, 3 months, etc)
  • Proposed meeting time (We recommend ensuring your study group does not overlap with other existing study groups if possible)

Please post your study group proposal to the community’s #general channel in Slack:

  • Include a poll (with a respond-by date) to gauge interest in participating and/or leading the group.
  • In the poll, look for commitment: use language such as: “I would be all” in, or “I would definitely participate”
  • If more than 20 people indicate interest, including at least a few people who can commit to being host and backup hosts a member of TWIML staff will reach out to you to help get the study group started. You may also be invited to connect with a few other TWIML study group leaders to learn about recommended best practices to ensure success for your group.

Once your study group is ready for launch: 

  • The TWIML team will work with you to advertise the launch of your group to the broader TWIML community.
  • A Slack (or Discourse) channel will be set up for your group.
  • You will also be provided with a dedicated Zoom meeting link to use with your study group

Keep your study group engaged and excited:

  • We recommend reminding your study group members of upcoming study group sessions via your Slack/Discourse channel on an ongoing basis. Best practice is to remind study group participants about a day in advance of each session.