TWIMLfest 2020


Show and Tell! ML/AI Project Lightning Talks Session #1

In this session we invite any and all from expert to beginner to share their ML experience, knowledge and projects. Presentations will be 2 minutes, focused on your one-page-brief, followed by up to 10 minutes of open discussion. During discussion you should be prepared to share code if relevant but not run it. The goal is to provoke interesting project related discussion to help the presenting and audience learn and progress their knowledge and skills. Any and all ML topic areas are welcome.

Thank you to our confirmed presenters:

10/22 – Session #1

Nicholas Teague – Automunge
Nick Doiron Р Measuring Gender Bias in Spanish Language Models
Abdul Samadh – Machine Learning for Encrypted Traffic Behavior Modelling
Kai Lichtenberg – Keyword Image Classification
Shree Phani – Exploratory analysis of SVM support vectors

Project can cover any area of ML practice such as:
An interesting way you combined various ML methods into a POC or production solution
An ML technique you recently research but perhaps have further questions about.
CNNs, NLP, DNN, GANs, Clustering, Generative models, Data augmentation, Active learning, Transformers, Knowledge graphs, Rules based approaches or any ML topic of interest. The one-page-brief.

Example –
Try to make the projects brief easily shareable, ideally via a URL.
These can be in the format of a text-only coolab, PDF slide, document, or perhaps a project.

Session Speakers

Taxonomist & NLP Practitioner
CEO & Data Scientist

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