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Peng Ye

Engineering Manager
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Peng is the Engineering Manager of Marketplace Intelligence (MI) team within the Homes organization at Airbnb. The team builds out the necessary foundational components insights and tools to power Airbnb Homes geo strategy and growth initiatives. Prior to the MI team, she was a machine learning engineer on the Pricing Modeling team at Airbnb, where she worked on pricing strategies/models and the ML infrastructure to support these models. She graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and her research focused on computer vision.

Conference Sessions

Panel Discussion
TWIMLcon  2019
In this panel, we will explore how teams at Airbnb collaborate to deliver ML throughout the Airbnb product. We dive into how ML is organized within AirBnB, how teams interface with each other on large initiatives, building ML in a diverse multi-functional organization, and more.