We have a TON of practical presentations coming your way from companies like Google, Spotify, and Intuit – and we’re so excited about these keynotes we just announced! 

Photo: Solmaz ShahalizadehKeynote Interview with Solmaz Shahalizadeh of Shopify

Solmaz is the Vice President of Data Science & Engineering at Shopify. During her time at the company she implemented and scaled the company’s first ML products, built their financial data warehouse, led multiple cross-functional teams, and played a critical role in their IPO. Sam had a great podcast interview with Solmaz on using ML to fighting fraud, and she’ll be back at TWIMLcon to discuss how she’s helped the company scale its use of machine learning and how that has helped power the company’s growth.

Photo: Faisal SiddiqiKeynote Interview with Faisal Siddiqi of Netflix

Faisal is the Director of Engineering for Personalization Infrastructure at Netflix, where he runs multiple teams delivering large-scale ML infrastructure to support the company’s personalization research and systems. The teams he runs currently support model development, model tools and data, and model serving. At TWIMLcon, Faisal and Sam will discuss lessons learned building all this personalization infrastructure.


Photo: Franziska BellKeynote Interview with Franziska Bell of BP

We’re excited to have Franziska Bell back at TWIMLcon, this time for a keynote interview at the Executive Summit! Fran is now a Distinguished Advisor for Data Science at energy giant, BP. We’ll be discussing key themes on the mind of ML  leaders like why ML/AI projects fail, building the business case for ML projects and platform investments, and managing the organizational and cultural changes required for success with ML and AI.


We’ll be announcing more agenda details soon so keep an eye out!