Roundup Roundtable 2018

Banner Image: Val Bercovici, Dave McCrory - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

For today's show, I'm excited to present our second annual re:Invent Roundtable Roundup. This year I'm joined by my friends Dave McCrory, VP of Software Engineering at at GE Digital, and Val Bercovici, Founder and CEO of Pencil Data.

If you missed the news coming out of re:Invent, or you want to know more about what one of the biggest AI platform providers is up to, you'll want to stay tuned, because we'll discuss many of their new offerings in this episode. We cover all of AWS' most important ML and AI announcements, including SageMaker Ground Truth, Reinforcement Learning and New, DeepRacer, Inferentia and Elastic Inference, ML Marketplace, Personalize, Forecast and Textract, and more.

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