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October 4-7, 2022

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Join us for the leading MLOps & Enterprise ML/AI
virtual conference and community gathering

About TWIMLcon: AI Platforms

TWIMLcon: AI Platforms is brought to you by the team behind the TWIML AI Podcast.

The conference has its roots in a series of interviews exploring the state of machine learning enabling technology and platforms, and what we now call MLOps, published back in the fall of 2018. That series—which featured interviews with ML platforms and infrastructure engineers and leaders from Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, OpenAI and more—resonated very strongly with practitioners and remains relevant and popular to this day.

We’re excited to once again convene TWIMLcon to provide a forum for those working on productionalizing, operationalizing, accelerating and scaling real-world ML & AI to share, learn, and connect with one another.



No fluff. TWIMLcon speakers are experienced ML and MLOps practitioners sharing real-world experiences gained at leading organizations.

Senior Engineering Manager
Chief Analytics Officer
Orangetheory Fitness
Claypot AI
Director of Machine Learning
Staff Engineer, Machine Learning
Senior Product Manager
Senior Director, ML SRE


TWIMLcon features an exciting lineup of live podcast interviews, informative sessions and panel discussions, and networking opportunities.
Tuesday 10/4
Wed 10/5
Thursday 10/6
Friday 10/7
9 am US Pacific Time
LIve Podcast Interview
Live Podcast Interview
Team Teardown
10 AM – 3:15 PM
Mainstage Sessions
Mainstage Sessions
3:15 PM – 5 PM


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