Panel: The Great Language (Un)Debate

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Today we're excited to bring ‘The Great ML Language (Un)Debate' to the podcast!

In the latest edition of our series of live discussions, we brought together experts and enthusiasts representing an array of both popular and emerging programming languages for machine learning. In the discussion, we explored the strengths, weaknesses, and approaches offered by Clojure, JavaScript, Julia, Probabilistic Programming, Python, R, Scala, and Swift. We round out the session with an audience Q&A, covering topics including favorite secondary languages, what languages pair well, quite a few questions about C++, and much more.

Thank you to IBM for their support in helping to make this panel possible! IBM is committed to educating and supporting data scientists, and bringing them together to overcome technical, societal and career challenges. Through the IBM Data Science Community site, which has over 10,000 members, they provide a place for data scientists to collaborate, share knowledge, and support one another.

IBM's Data Science Community site is a great place to connect with other data scientists and to find information and resources to support your career.

Join and get a free month of select IBM Programs on Coursera.

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